CluckyCharm: an Ode to Chickens.

An Ode to a Chicken

Oh, clucky chicken, full of charm, With feathers soft and round, no harm. Your beady eyes and fluffy wings, Bring joy to our hearts, oh how it sings.

In the morning sun, you roam the farm, With clucky charms that do no harm. Your waddle and squawk, a delightful sight, Bringing smiles and laughter, morning to night.

Your eggs so precious, treasures untold, Each one a masterpiece, shining gold. Oh, clucky chicken, you’re a delight, A feathered friend, day and night.

So strut and cluck, oh charming fowl, With clucky charms that make us howl. We’ll always cherish your chicken ways, Forever grateful for your clucky days.

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